Nepal Tourism Reopening from 17th October 2020

Nepal tourism reopening

Nepal Tourism Reopening from 17th October

Covid-19 has brought the fear and tears all around the globe. The pandemic has affected from the human phycology to the world economy at the same time. Almost everything has shut down in the blink of an eye. No one was well prepared for the danger and has not prepared the precautionary approaches. Although, the world is now slowly fighting with the pandemic and getting some momentum finally.

Like other sectors and the fields, Nepal tourism was also badly affected due to this pandemic. Closed for almost 10 months, the tourism in Nepal is finally about to open again. Nepal government has purposed a date for new opening for Nepal tourism. It has officially planned to open the international flight for the tourists from 17th October 2020. Late but it is good news for all the adventure lovers around the world.

Although, travelers and the tour operators in Nepal needed to follow the safety measures to travel and operating the adventure for their respective groups. The travelers can get the arrival visa at Tribhuvan International Airport or can apply the e-visa. Upon arriving in Nepal, the individual travelers needed to follow certain measures before starting their adventure. The rules the individual travelers needed to follow are:

Rules for Individual travelers

  1. Every traveler has to stay 7-days quarantine in Kathmandu. The quarantine place should be of Nepal government authorized place/hotels. Although it will be managed by the travel agent in the coordination of the Nepal government.
  2. The swab of the traveler will be collected on the fifth day (Day 05) of the quarantine for the PCR test.
  3. On the sixth day (Day 06), the PCR report will be provided to the travelers.
  4. Once the PCR test is negative, the travelers can start their journey to their planned destination.

Whereas, the Nepal government has purposed different rules for the group travelers. The group travelers who are traveling to Nepal do not have to stay in the 7-days quarantine if s/he has got the negative PCR report at the time of travelling. Although the travelers will be kept 3 days in the hotel for the travel preparation.

In the meantime, please stay connected with us, we will be updating if there are any new updates are coming for the Nepal Tourism Reopening after COVID-19.

Please follow this link for Nepal VISA details:

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