Everest Base Camp Trek cost for Indian Updated

Everest Base Camp Trek Cost for Indian

It has been a crucial question, what is the Everest base camp trek cost for Indian? Well, it depends on the type of the trek you prefer. There are well built teahouses with good food and accommodation. Means, you do not need to carry food or tents for the trek. Most of the teahouses have WIFI and electricity as well. Similarly, drinking water is not a problem during the trekking. The tap water can be used comfortably, Additionally, we recommend you to bring water purify tablets on the trip. Also, we recommend you to bring some dry foods and chocolates for the trekking.

Plan your Everest base camp trekking

Hotels in Kathmandu

  • You can easily find hotels in Kathmandu. Depending on your budget, you can choose the hotel. If you are looking for five-star hotels then Marriot, Kathmandu, Aloft, Yak and Yeti are the good fit. Or you can find good hotels on booking.com or expedia.com or any other online platforms easily. Just make sure the hotels are inside or near Thamel. For the budget hotels, you can choose Holy Land Guest House or Kings Land Hotel Kathmandu.

Price range for the hotel: INR 500 to INR 10,000 per night.

Airport transportation

  • You can get the prepaid taxes at Kathmandu airport. Or you can come out of the airport for the local taxis.

Charges: INR 300 (in the daytime), INR 600/800 (in the night time)

Domestic Flights

  • The travel to Everest base camp start with a short flight to Lukla. The flight time to get to Lukla from Kathmandu is about 30 minutes. The flight of Kathmandu Lukla often gets disturbed due to the bad weather condition so make sure you have some buffer days.

The cost of Lukla flight for Indians is INR 8750 per person one way. Typically, there are three airlines (Sita Air, Summit Air and Tara Air) operating flights to Lukla every day.

Cost: INR 8750 per person one way.

Note: Please have some buffer days as the flight can get disturbed.

Guide and Porter

  • You can hire the guide or porter in Kathmandu. Or you can take a guide from Lukla. To hire a trekking guide or porter in Lukla, you can ask the teahouses. If you want to book the guide for the trek in advance then contact at +977 98510 13 196 (WhatsApp) directly. The cost for the trekking guide is INR 1200 per day. Whereas, the charges for the porter is INR 1000 per day. And that charges includes the guide/porters’ food and accommodation.

Guide charges: INR 1200 per day

Porter charges: INR 1000 per day

Food and drinks

  • The teahouse on the trail offers the good cooked foods. Almost all kinds of foods are available along the way. Although we recommend you to stick with Dal Bhat (rice and curry). Because it is served in big portion and it is refillable as well.

Estimated cost for the food and drinks

  1. Tea                                                     INR 100 per cup
  2. Breakfast                                           INR 300/400 per meal
  3. Lunch                                                 INR 400/600 per meal
  4. Dinner                                               INR 400/600 per meal


  • Accommodation is another crucial thing during Everest trekking. Although there are well built teahouses along the way. Most of the rooms sold are on twin sharing basis. If you are travelling in a group, then it is not the problem. But if you are travelling solo then you have to share a twin room with a fellow traveller in some cases. (depending on the availability)

Room charges: INR 250 to INR 350 per night

Trekking permits

  • Basically, two trekking permits are needed for the trek. First is Sagarmatha National Park Entry fee (1100 per person) And the next is Pasang Lhamu Municipality charges (INR 1200 per person). The permits can be issued on the way to Everest base camp.

Charges: INR 2300 total per person


  • Electricity are available during the trekking to charge your gadgets. But you have to pay some fees to charges your battery and the devices. The charges is about INR 150 to INR 300 per device to get fully charged.


  • There are internet services available through out the journey. The teahouse has the WIFI connected. Although, you have to pay INR 300 to INR 500 to use the internet services. Using mobile data is the next option as you can buy different data packs.

Internet charges: INR 300 to INR 500 per day.

Extra money

  • We recommend you to carry at least INR 15000 to INR 20000 extra. As there are no ATMS and Banks Namche Bazaar onwards, it will be very helpful in the problematic conditions.

In short, the Everest base camp trek cost for Indian is:

  1. Food and drinks:                                            INR 1550 per day x number of days
  2. Accommodation:                                            INR 250 per day x number of days
  3. Flight to Lukla:                                                INR 17 500 per person
  4. Trekking Permits:                                           INR 2300 per person

If you need further information regarding Everest Base Camp Trek cost for Indian then contact at +977 98510 13 196 (WhatsApp) directly. Go to our Everest Base Camp Trek page for the detailed itinerary.

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